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Have you organised your herbs & spices yet?

Organising your herbs & spices can not only make finding what you need when cooking a lot easer ( and quicker!), but also gain you some extra space in those kitchen cupboards. Using items that you can see will, in the long run save you some money by not wasting what you can't see!

We all know how overcrowded kitchen cupboards can become - especially when life gets so busy, however having a change around can really help.

  • Clear everything out to see what you have
  • Chuck anything that is out of date
  • Decide what you NEED & USE
  • Decant into clear airtight jars to ensure they are kept fresh
  • Label! (the fun part!) 

Labelling your jars allows for a neat and uniformed look- making sure that everything is visible, when you really need it. 

Remember, you don't need to have a huge pantry or kitchen to keep organised.

Small steps can make big changes!

Jo x