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Custom Kitchen Pantry Labels -Home Label Collection

Custom Kitchen Pantry Labels

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I love when I can decorate my space by simply organising. These pantry labels allow you to do just that. Why shove your pantry essentials into a boring old cabinet when you can creatively display them for all to see? I know what you're thinking - no one wants to see my boring looking baking supplies. The truth is, you're probably right - but, our starter pantry packs are here to make them not so boring. Get organised and spend less time looking for the things you need and more time doing the things you love, with our custom / personlaised pantry labels.
* SINGLE LABELS - The list label does not calculate your labels so you will need to purchase 6 for eg singles is only wanting 6.  
Perfect for organising your pantry and having everything readily available at the touch of your hands. Each label is about 3 cm tall and the length depends on your wording. If you require these made smaller please when leading your list of labels also note the height of your label size. This listing is for the maximum height of 3cm. Additional charges apply if requiring larger. 
These labels are made to order. The labels are made with a semi permanent vinyl. The process is to firstly design on the computer, after it is designed a machine cuts the labels. Once the machine has completed the cut, the excess vinyl is removed and weeded out by hand and a transfer tape is applied for you to install your label. As you can see there is a lot of time involved into making your label, so please allow up to 2 weeks for your items to be shipped. 
Clean the surface that the label is to be applied to with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly. Peel off the back white/blue sheet carefully. You will be left with carrier sheet (clear) and the label. Carefully align the label to the surface and press down all over. Ensure you place it correctly as you will not be able to remove and re position. I like to start from the left corner and work diagonally down. Rub over gently to make sure it has adhered. Instructions will also be sent with your order.

These decals are waterproof but we strongly recommend hand washing these items.